A battery conditioner is a valuable tool for vehicles

You may think that charging your vehicle is only for when you have left it long enough for the battery to drain. The industry has come a long way though, and CTEK are leading the way with their battery conditioners. This way, rather than waiting until it is too late, you can instead ensure batteries remain at the best level.

Keep Your Battery In Great Condition

The manufacturers of this handy device have created something amazing. Rather than going flat, it will instead keep batteries at the right level. This is possible with the XS 0.8, MXS 3.8 and the MXS 5.0. These useful products can stop your car from breaking down to save you time, money and hassle. Even in different temperatures which affect the battery level, the charging rate supplied by the MXS 5.0 will adjust accordingly.

Safe For Storage

A number of vehicles end up in storage for one reason or another. Despite the reason why, you will want it to stay safe while you are not using it. This is as well as keeping it ready to use again when it comes out. A battery conditioner will keep it right. This way you won’t have to disconnect the battery or worry about it. When it comes out of storage, it will be at the right level without overcharging.

When you leave a battery for long enough, the acid within can become too concentrated, resulting in corrosion. In addition to this, sulfation can occur from the charge not being adequate for a long enough time and the substance builds up. With a conditioner you have more control over the battery levels and condition.

We have a range of options on offer such as climate controlled storage in a purpose built facility as well as various battery conditioners. Call Rudler Car Transportation and Storage now for more information on the services that we offer. We will help you store your vehicle and keep it safe.