A few tips for using car covers

You cannot simply own a vehicle and expect it to stay looking great. With some basic maintenance and care, especially when storing, you can make sure it stays in good condition. For example, fitting car covers on vehicles might appear like an easy job but there are some details you need to know that will ensure you do it right.

Clean Your Car

Before you think about putting the cover on, your car needs to be completely clean so there is no debris. If you fail to clean it, you could damage the paintwork and more. Think about it, grit and other debris can be sharp even though they are only small. Leaving it on the vehicle and placing material over it will result in it rubbing. This will create marks on your car and may leave you having to fix them. Taking the time to clean the car will avoid this risk.

Fitting It

First things first, be careful that the cover does not touch the ground when you are trying to fit it because it might pick up dirt. You should start by putting the cover in the middle of the roof. Then, you can roll it out to the bonnet and the boot.

You should then pull the sides down and put the mirrors in the pockets if the cover has them. You can pull the cover over the front bumper and over the back one. Make sure you pull it down all the way around the entire car. Now, you can attach the straps located under the body, but make sure you do not do this too tightly.

The steps for removing the cover are like the above but in reverse.

Leading Vehicle Solutions

car coversCar covers are one of the many solutions we offer our customers here at Rudler. We can provide you with a Supertex indoor cover, Moltex-5 outdoor cover, and custom fitted options. This way you won’t have to worry about your pride and joy when you are storing it.

Our team can advise you on the best options for caring for your vehicle when you reach out to us, so get in touch today.