A specialist product is the only thing you should cover your car with

There are various methods you can use to protect your vehicle. If you plan on using car covers, you should always thoroughly clean and dry your vehicle before covering it up. In addition, one of the biggest things to realise is the importance of using a high quality product. Don’t risk doing more harm than good with a bad cover.

What Won’t Do

A lot of people will find something that they already own to cover their car. The more common examples of this include bed sheets and tarps. It is cheap to pick something lying around your house and not buy a purpose made product. What you need to understand though is that this may result in you spending a lot more money.

The whole point of using a cover is to protect your car. This includes against dust, debris, insects, and condensation. These can result in things like scratches and rusting. A lot of improvised car covers will not fit correctly and can still let things get to your car. A number of them will also rub against it, causing damage like chaffed paintwork.

Cotton materials like bed sheets will absorb and hold onto moisture. This is the same as using a tarp because it will trap any water. The results will likely include rust on various components like the body and paintwork.

Premier Vehicle Protection

Our quality products allow your vehicle to breathe. As a result they will help to stop condensation building up. We even have options that will offer protection from UV rays. With our custom products, you can receive something bespoke that will securely fit your car and its contours.

Rudler Car Transportation and Storage has a selection of car covers and other amazing solutions. These are all to keep your vehicle in great condition. If you are interested in learning more, you can reach us at 01793 73 11 07 or ed@rudler.co.uk.