Advice on keeping the car clean and reusing covers

We are known for supplying high quality storage services for cars. While storing them on our secure site, we can use many products to keep them in top shape. This includes car covers as well as air chambers. Our team has many years of experience working with classic vehicles. Consequently, we can easily recommend the ideal solution for each client.

Using a car cover might appear like a straightforward process to you. However, having the right information makes the task a lot easier and can ensure your vehicle gets the best protection. If you have yet to use one yourself, you are in luck. We are going to go over the most important details you need to know about using these covers.

Keep everything clean

car coversOne of the most important points we need to stress is that you must always ensure the car is extremely clean. It needs to be free of debris like grit. You are probably wondering why. Well, imagine that your vehicle is covered with particles of sharp materials. Next, think about the car cover material rubbing against the grime and grit. This can result in scratches and marks on your paintwork. Instead of being the cover’s fault, it is yours for placing it on a filthy car.

We also have some advice for fitting your car covers. For one thing, don’t allow the material to touch the ground. It will pick up dirt this way. This can potentially get between your vehicle and its cover, resulting in scratches.

Reusing covers

The great thing about quality products is you can use them time and again to protect your vehicle. They could last several years, especially if you use and store them correctly.

One thing to keep in mind is a cover will be easier to use once it has been on a car. What you need to do is make sure you put it on properly, making sure you don’t leave any part of the vehicle visible. Take specific care to pull the sides down and put the mirrors in pockets if it has them. Pull the cover’s front section over the front and rear bumpers. See to it that the cover is pulled down all the way around your motor. Next, attach the under body straps. Don’t do this too tightly though.

When you take your cover off the car, try doing the removal process we have spoken about here, only in reverse. Doing so shall provide you with a manageable cover when you need to refit.

We have indoor and outdoor car covers

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we provide products that come with several distinct benefits. The Supertex Indoor design for instance is a very breathable product that eradicates condensation. Then there is the Moltex-5 outdoor cover. Thanks to the internal fleece lining, your car has protection in all weather.

So, if you require any of our car covers, please let us know. You can purchase one to use at home or to combine with our own storage services. Whatever you choose, you can rely on the cover to protect your vehicle.