Air chambers to keep your car protected from the elements

Your car is generally one of the most expensive purchases you will make, and for many vehicle owners, their car is their pride and joy. Over time, cars can become damaged and worn, and this is a problem for vintage and prestige cars in particular. When these cars are damaged, it can cost a lot of money bringing them back up to a presentable standard once again. Those who enjoy their vintage, classic, sports or prestige vehicles need trustworthy storage that completely protects their investment. Our team at Rudler Car Transportation and Storage have a wide range of options available for you to choose from.

Our facilities are based on a single site here at the Rudler family home in Wiltshire. Our site can be easily accessed from major roads including the M4, and our facilities are custom built to accommodate a wide range of different vehicles. We have extensive security systems in place to ensure all the cars are safe. Our site is covered by CCTV surveillance with electronic coded entry and alarm systems connected to a central monitoring station, allowing the relevant authorities to respond quickly to any issues on site. With capacity for 150 cars on site at any one time, our clients can be assured that we can easily and safely store their cars.

Our range of storage options are designed to keep our customers’ vehicles as safe as possible. We have a purpose built dehumidified building that is fully insulated and keeps your vehicle safe from moisture and other environmental issues that can harm your system. Our Prestige dehumidified service offers the same storage, but includes a monthly check of your vehicle to ensure that it remains in top condition, including fluid and tyre pressure checks, as well as a car rolling service to warm up the engine.

Alternatively, you can choose one of our air chambers for storage. Air chambers are completely controlled to ensure that your car remains in top condition, no matter whether you’re using it for short or long term storage. Vehicles can be easily accessed or removed once the chamber has been deflated, and minor maintenance can still be performed on the car when it is inside the inflated chamber. The air chambers ensure that no condensation or rust affects your car and static trap filtration systems further ensure that all abrasive particulate matter is removed from the environment. Flame resistant and providing UV protection, air chambers provide all-encompassing protection for your vehicle. Prestige air chamber storage includes continued maintenance to keep your car in good running condition.

Where you have a classic, vintage or prestigious car, we understand that storing it in a garage under a dust blanket simply is not enough. Protecting these cars requires a fair amount of work, and our car storage options are the perfect choice. We pride ourselves on offering a complete and comprehensive service for our customers, offering a number of extras for complete customer satisfaction. We can deal with issues involving registering and taxing, and can carry out minor servicing, as well as ensuring that your car receives its MOT on time when required.