Battery conditioners retain the charge even in cold conditions

Car storage is an area in which we excel massively. An important part of storing a vehicle we have learned over the years involves keeping the battery going strong. If not stored correctly batteries can continue to drain and eventually need replacing. To this end, we offer every client the chance to purchase or hire battery conditioners when they come to us.

Designed to keep the charge levels high enough to sustain the power source, it is definitely worth considering using a battery conditioner. Without one you could find the car is immobile when you come to drive. With one you can preserve the power source and save yourself from needing a replacement.

The winter has already arrived for us and the prospect of icy roads and freezing temperatures is fast becoming a reality. It is at this point, where all of your classic and high performance vehicles are best left in storage. This will protect them from the conditions, especially the salt on the roads.

The cold puts an extra level of strain on car batteries, as cars can take longer to start, and resources like the heating and lights are used more frequently. Modern vehicles also feature more electronics so even when the car is not in use the battery can be draining very quickly. Remember batteries retain their charge by the vehicle being used.

With classic vehicles it is wise to make certain that the alternator is working correctly before you put the car in storage. If it isn’t, the battery can drain very fast as a result.

To avoid battery drain, especially if you plan to have your car stored for an extensive amount of time, use a conditioner. Not only do our conditioners keep it topped up, but they do so without causing any damage or reducing the lifespan as well.

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage we have a selection of battery conditioners for you to choose from. The CTEK XS 0.8, MSX 3.8 and MSX 5.0 all possess different features but each is equally good at doing their job. If you’d like to know more about what we’ve got in stock, please do get in touch.

Please remember you can also make use of a battery conditioner if you choose to store your vehicle on our site.