Bringing your vehicle out of storage for spring

When winter passes and the cold is gone, sunny spring might call your car out from hibernation. Seeing as your vehicle will have been sitting idle for a while, you should take care with taking it out. You need to do this even if you have been using specialist storage like air chambers.

Look At The Battery

You should use a battery conditioner when you plan on storing your car. This is because it helps keep the charge at the optimal level so that it doesn’t get flat. If you didn’t do this, you should ensure that the battery is charged. In addition you need to look for corrosion on the terminals and cables and clean it if it is present.

Change The Oil

Even when you change the oil before storage, you should replace it again afterwards. The oil can form contaminants and suffer from condensation as it sits. Changing it is simple and vital when you consider the health of your car. You should also take the opportunity to look at the other fluids so that you can top up anything that you need to before you drive.

Pump Up The Tyres

While you might not have driven your car, it is more than likely that the tyre pressure will have dropped during storage. You will want to bring this back to the normal level on all tyres. You should also check for any problems like cracks, bulges, and tread at the same time. This ensures that the tyres will be healthy and safe.

Check For Noises

On the first drive, the brakes might squeal a little but this is normal. If this noise continues or you have any concerns, you should take your vehicle to an expert so that they can check it out. It may be a simple fix or something more serious.

The Best Methods Of Storage

air chambersIf you want to keep your car safe throughout storage, you need to start with the right method. This will reduce the chance of there being an issue when you come to use it again. Your car can benefit from a solution like air chambers and the other options from Rudler. Take a look at our site and reach out if you want to learn more.