Car Covers For Indoor Storage

The idea of placing a cover over a car which you are storing indoors must, to those who do not have a classic or prestige vehicle, seem like a strange sort of going over the top. For most people who are fortunate enough to have a garage at home it would seem sufficient to simply park a car in it, as the garage itself provides protection and security. This is certainly true, but really only effective or applicable for cars which are used on a fairly frequent basis. In cases where a car won’t be used often – maybe less than once a week or even once a month – then a specially designed indoor cover is a highly advantageous layer of protection for your vehicle.

By placing a car in indoor storage you are able to successfully protect it from the elements in nature that can damage it, as well of course as from the weather conditions. This is not to say, however, that indoor storage is naturally perfect for cars. It can quite often be the case that the conditions indoors can serve to cause a different form of damage. The most common damages caused come from the changing temperature within a garage, with humidity or moisture in the air being the main problems.

The custom car covers we supply give you the perfect means of avoiding this damage. The double brushed soft materials used for them means that there are no marks or scratches on your car as a consequence of them being used, and the design allows a breathing airflow which counters any humid or damp storage conditions.

We know that it’s quite likely you’ve read the above, understand the value of covering your car whilst it’s in indoor storage but believe that a standard outdoor cover would work fine. This sounds like it makes sense, but it’s not quite accurate. Covers for outdoors are designed for these settings and won’t provide the kind of breathable protection you want inside.

No matter what make, model or style of vintage or classic car you have, we’re able to supply the perfect cover for it. For that extra touch of personalisation we can even arrange for the emblem of the car manufacturer to be incorporated onto the cover.