Car covers provide simple yet affective protection

If you leave your car exposed while it’s in your garage or in storage, you run the risk of it getting scratched, becoming corroded, or being harmed in any number of other ways. One of the simplest yet most effective ways to defend your car while it’s not in use is to put a cover on it. No matter what type of make or model you own, we can supply you with a perfectly fitted cover which will offer a strong yet lightweight layer of protection.

We offer a selection of different covers for you to choose from. Our soft elasticated indoor cover is designed for easy fitting and easy access, and the soft, breathable material ensures that no moisture will become trapped underneath and cause corrosion to your car. We also have a Supertex indoor cover. This innovative fabric is completely dust proof yet breathable, and the covers are available in several colours. Both of these covers are water resistant with a soft lining.

If you have a more unusually shaped vehicle or want something more tailored to your requirements, we can create bespoke custom indoor covers which are fully tailored to match the contours of the car. They also offer a fantastic aesthetic, with a choice of 15 colours, piping, and optional logo printing. As with all our covers, they are soft, breathable and offer great protection for your car while being easy to put on and remove.

When you are in search of the highest quality car covers to protect your vehicle from dust, scrapes, scratches and moisture, look no further. We are the experts in all aspects of car storage and can provide you with the outstanding products and services you need, whether you wish to purchase a cover to protect your vehicle in your garage or need us to store it for you in the short or long term.