Car Covers

We have had many years experience of storing cars and we recommend the following covers:

Supertex indoor cover

Supertex is a man-made fabric that has many beneficial qualities for protecting your car. It has a very soft fleece lining and is fully breathable whilst being totally dust proof. Not even the smallest dust particules will get through to the car. Supertex is available in three colours to match the make or colour of your pride & joy. Supertex is also water resistant which makes it perfect for carports or open barns, even temporary outside use if you need use of the garage.Storage bag included.

  • 100% Dustproof
  • Super soft Fleece interior lining.
  • Very breathable eliminating condensation.
  • Available in Red, Blue & Green Elasticated ends for secure fitting
  • Supertex is also water resistant and can be used in carports & barns.
  • Perfect first line of defence from potential scratches.
  • Saloon or Sports car shapes for semi tailored fitting.

*from £90 to £185 Contact us with your car details for sizes and pricing.


Custom fitted cover

These indoor dust covers are fully tailored to the contours of your car and made of a soft cotton acrylic with a protective fleecy lining. The material is very soft and breathes to allow moisture to evaporate. Above all they look fantastic, designer clothes for your car!

Available in a range of 15 standard colours with contrasting or matching piping. Logos available at extra cost (£ 20.00 inc VAT each), storage bag included.

We have patterns for most cars but unusual vehicles can be measured up for fitting. Made only to specific order, delivery 3-4 weeks. The covers are available in the following colours, with either matching or contrasting side profile piping: Yellow, old gold, orange, red, burgundy, purple, lime green, british racing green, sky blue, navy blue, royal blue, stone, white, black, grey and silver. Storage bag included.

*from £220 to £350 Contact us with your car details for sizes and pricing.


Moltex-5 outdoor cover

Without doubt one of the best outdoor covers available. Five layers of protection provides total rain resistance. Only in heavy frost or due would you find any moisture under the cover, this then evaporates as soon as the temperature rises. Excellent breathing characteristics eliminate sweating and build up of condensation preventing corrosion and damage to paint. The Super Soft fleece interior lining provides the ultimate environment for protecting paint from scratches and potential UV damage. Totally safe to be used all year. Storage bag included.

  • The Ultimate outdoor car cover
  • Fully breathable to avoid condensation, can be put on a wet car.
  • Internal FLEECE lining to comfort your car in all weather conditions
  • Semi Tailored Shape for excellent fitting to all models
  • Elasticated ends & sewn in strap for secure fitting under centre of car.
  • UV protection avoids paint fade & deterioration of rubber seals.

*from £145 to £225 Contact us with your car details for sizes and pricing.