Cars that are exiting storage require attention as well

Whatever kind of car you have, whether classic, sports, or prestige, you want it to stay in the best condition possible. This accounts for both the looks and function. Therefore when you use car storage methods of any kind, you need to take the right steps.

Post Storage Care Is Just As Important

Correct car storage preparation can pay off when you come to bring it out and reduce the stress you face. But, many people can forget how crucial it is to also prepare for driving again.

Checks To Make

Look at the tyre pressure and adjust them to the appropriate level. The sidewall and tread rows also need inspecting in case cracks have formed; this is as well as ensuring all nuts are tight enough.

All fluid levels need checking. There are plenty of different ones, so remember them all, including the oil. When you put it at the appropriate level, the amount of rust and corrosion present should be minimal. You should change the oil and filter if the vehicle has not been driven in over 2 years.

People choose different things to do with their battery when putting a car into storage. If you use a battery conditioner, then disconnecting it and ensuring there is a full charge should be enough. For those who took it out, you will have to install it again. This takes care, and you should clean the posts and cable ends too.

After-storage care even applies when using a car cover. This is because you need to be gentle, rolling it off and ensuring it doesn’t catch on anything. If you are careless you may scratch the paint.

A Number Of Options

One of our more popular services is utilising our purpose-built car storage facility. The location of our site makes it perfect for people across the world. With numerous extras to make the most of, you can have confidence in us. This includes covers, battery conditioners and more.

Vehicles can mean a lot to their owners, so putting in time and effort when storing them is worth it. Our prowess within the car industry means that we can give your vehicle the care it needs. Choose quality car storage methods with Rudler and reach out to our team now. We cater for any kind of need, short or long term.