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Don’t be so quick to trust soft inner linings

car coversOur establishment has years of experience looking after classic and vintage vehicles. As a result, we know what methods work best to keep your cars safe. In truth, a combination of strategies is necessary for the greatest results. In addition to storing your cars properly, you should also think about using car covers. They can offer useful extra protection if you choose the right one. Continue reading

How does sulfation work?

With more than 30 years of experience in transporting and storing cars, we understand how these processes work. While a car is in storage, you need to look after it. This includes taking care of the power source. For this, we offer a series of high quality battery conditioners. These are some of the most important gadgets you can use. Continue reading

Watch out for the sun

Car transportationOur team’s speciality is providing clients with reliable car transportation. We often work with vintage and classic cars, including some of the rarest models. With more than three decades of experience, we know how to satisfy the needs of every client. In addition, we understand that vehicles must be completely safe while they are in our care. That is why we have insurance, high quality vehicles, professional transporters, and wonderful facilities. Continue reading