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Think about the fuel when you store a vehicle

People choose car storage for many reasons. For example they could have a rare vintage car that they only drive on special occasions. Or, it may be that they won’t be driving for several months and choose to store the vehicle. Whatever the case, it is important to choose a great service. You also need to ensure you do everything necessary to make sure the car will remain in a good condition. Continue reading

Think about the humidity

One of the biggest issues many people have to face in the UK is the humidity. At an average of 80%, the relative humidity (RH) is one of the highest in the world. This can cause lots of problems. It is why many industrial businesses need to invest in extra measures to tackle corrosion and other issues relating to how much moisture is in the air. It is also why a lot of classic car owners choose air chambers. Continue reading

Properly using car covers in a garage

car coversAs vehicle specialists, we know what goes into looking after a vintage or classic car. Proper storage is a great first step. For further protection however, you should use car covers. There is no one size fits all option here though. Instead, you need to find a product to suit the specific situation. That includes the size and shape of the vehicle as well as the setting where you will store it. Luckily, Rudler offers a great selection. Continue reading

Finding a new place for your car to stay

Ours is a company that began by doing deliveries with a small van. These days, the services we offer are much broader. In addition to car transportation, we also specialise in storage. A vital part of this involves us providing air chambers. These state of the art products keep cars dry and free from the dangers of condensation. Continue reading