Checks to do when taking your summer vehicle out of storage

Summer is here and you might want to bring a special vehicle out so that you can enjoy it. Before you do this, take the time to do a few checks and give your vehicle a once over. This will help you make sure it is in top shape. As a reliable provider of car storage, we know what you need to specifically look at.

While your vehicle might have been in great shape when you put it away, problems can develop during storage. Pay attention to areas like fluids, brakes, and tyres. Another thing to check is any rubber components such as belts and plug wires; they can degrade over the colder months.


Take a look under the bonnet for any signs of leakage. You should also check beneath the vehicle because some leaks will create a puddle on the floor. Then, make sure you look at the fuel tank. Fuel can seep when the temperature and pressure changes during long term storage. This is more likely to happen if you don’t have climate control. If you cannot see any leaks, you should check fluid levels and ensure they are all right.


Tyres can go flat over winter because they will naturally lose air over time. You need to check them with a pressure gauge when they are cold. You also need to inspect for any cracks or degradation of the sidewalls. Next, make sure the wheel nuts are tight so that you can be certain that they are safe.


Make sure there are no issues relating to rodents. A vehicle can make the perfect home for these creatures during winter. You will want to make sure there are none hiding in the vehicle before you take it for a drive. Do a full check of the entire vehicle, including under the bonnet, in the boot, and in wheel arches.

car storageThe Rudler team knows that a classic or special car is a beautiful sight. However, preserving it does take work. For the best car storage and transportation options, you can count on us and our work. We will be able to provide you with a solution that allows you to care for your vehicle.

Please get in touch if you need any advice about storing a vehicle or taking one out of storage.