Choose car transportation that has climate control

People with vintage vehicles will know how important climate controls are. They will help them to create a safe environment for storing the vehicle. However, what about when they need to choose car transportation. Are the transports going to have the right environment? Or are they going to put the condition of the vehicle at risk?

What is the problem?

Car transportationWhile modern cars are very durable and you can leave them outside in all weathers with little risk, older vehicles are not as hardy. There is a higher risk that the old paint will fade in the sun. In high humidity or damp conditions, it could bubble and warp. That could spell disaster for the vehicle, especially if it is a rare classic model.

The conditions could also cause the metal parts to corrode. Again the fact that the vehicle is old means that the components may lack the same protection as modern parts. As a result, you should never leave a classic car somewhere without climate control.

A hot, humid environment can also cause big problems for the performance of classic vehicles. It can seriously damage components in the engine. This could lead to costly repairs if you store the vehicle like this for a long time.

Car transportation

It is important to think about the conditions your car will have to deal with when you transport it. This is vital even if it is only travelling a few miles. The conditions with some transports can be very different to what you have normally. For example, with open ones there is no protection. That means the vehicle will be exposed to the elements, stones flicking off the road, and other potential causes of damage.

Even in a covered transport, it could get very warm and humid inside. You won’t want this if the vehicle will have to be in the back for hours. Instead you will want to ensure the conditions will be safe.

The best choice here is to opt for a covered transport that has climate controls or allows air flow. There are plenty of vehicles that offer this; just think about all the transports for shipping food that need to keep it at a stable temperature.

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