Classic cars are much more susceptible to rust

As experts in vintage car storage, we make it a point to have all of the best options available to you when you request our services. Air chambers are one such option and are used extensively when additional protection against moisture is needed. Easy to erect and perfect for stopping condensation, these chambers are ideal for any kind of classical motor.

The biggest issue that comes with classic vehicles isn’t wear and tear as many people think; it is corrosion. Unless you are lucky enough to be settled within a warm climate rust will be a constant concern due to the moisture. Even if you try your best to keep the car dry and sheltered rusting is likely to still occur.

The majority of modern car parts are dipped in primer when they are manufactured, in addition to being under sealed and spray-painted correctly so that there’s protection everywhere. Those classic models that were developed in the 60s and 70s however are much more vulnerable and greater effort is needed to ensure they are protected.

Classic vehicles were assembled before being painted afterwards. What this meant was that there were always untreated sections within the steel, typically the sills, where the car would rust from the inside out. Moisture is the main problem when it comes to rusting as it causes condensation, a main contributor to rust, but there is a solution.

With our Cair-o-port air chambers, three filtered fans make certain that every part of your car remains dry while in storage. Additionally, thanks to their Velcro flap and two zip design your car can be encased or released easily at any time.

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage our air chambers are undoubtedly the most effective means of storing a vehicle that is sensitive to moisture. Available for a reasonable price, our chambers are not only functional, but affordable too. For the very finest in safe storage, we are the company to call.