Climate control is an essential part of storage

Air chambers are a very popular option for car owners, especially when they need long term storage solutions. A chamber’s job is to provide the right environment, ensuring there are no issues with dirt or moisture. Our models in particular stand out due to the excellent materials they are made from. In addition, they are very lightweight. This makes setting them up easy and also means they will last.

Control the climate

air chambersOne of the best things about air chambers is they provide climate control. While it sounds like a good thing, some people may be uncertain about why it is a good thing. Many specifically want to know what it means in terms of how it can physically protect their vehicle.

For true climate control, you need to be able to maintain the temperature and address any issue with humidity. To understand why it is vital to control both, you need to know of the results of leaving a vehicle in an uncontrolled setting.

Most people know that a cold environment is no place for a car. This is especially true for long term storage. One common misconception is that merely heating the space can solve your temperature issues. There is more to think about however. Warm air will hold more moisture than cold air. As a result, it will increase the humidity.


When the air is too cold, it could reach a dew point. Here, the air is completely saturated. If anything else inside the storage area is under the dew point, expect condensation to form. From here, the risk of corrosion shall increase considerably.

Rapid temperature changes are also dangerous. These can cause rapid expansion and contraction of metals. This can end up damaging your car. If the shifts happen regularly, the vehicle’s condition shall worsen quickly.

With all of this in mind it is better to have a stable temperature that does not fluctuate. It should be warm enough to ensure there is no moisture or condensation.


With humidity, there is quite a fine line to walk. A common understanding is that too much shall introduce moisture to your car. As such, a frequent mistake is that people lower it too much. If you dry the air out too much, the dashboards can split. Furthermore, the leather can crack and the wood trim can perish. All of this is because of a dangerous lack of moisture.

As you can see, what you need is storage that can offer the right amount of humidity. We can provide this for you.

Choose our air chambers

We can supply a chamber that will give you the best environmental controls. They will prove to be useful for both short and long term storage. The chambers are completely portable and don’t need a second assembly. Moreover, they eliminate rapid air temperature changes. You won’t need to worry about condensation.

If you are considering using air chambers, please contact us. We can give you advice about everything from sizing to setting up.