Comprehensive transportation for classic exhibitions

The 2016 calendar for classic motor shows is already looking full, with more events being added with each passing week. The passion for classic cars in the UK is at an all time high, with show attendance figures indicating that interest is growing. With such high levels of enthusiasm for vintage and rare cars, more and more people are being inspired to bring their own classic vehicles along, allowing fellow fans to appreciate and admire their magnificence. The overwhelming majority of classic car owners do all they can to keep their prized vehicles in pristine condition, and that’s what we excel at. Our transportation services ensure complete protection and safety for cars being brought to shows and exhibitions.

Each and every classic car show is a wonderful event, as they are all dedicated to celebrating outstanding achievements in the automotive world. However, some events always stand out from the rest. We know that the London Classic Car Show in February, the Donington Historical Festival in April and of course the Top Gear Track day in aid of The Children’s Trust in June are major draws. While there are outstanding measures in place for keeping and displaying the cars at the events, transporting the vehicles to and from the events are left to the discretion of the owners.

A dilemma for all classic car owners is that they do wish to allow their vehicle to be admired and appreciated by fellow enthusiasts, but need assurances that no harm will come to the car as a consequence of this. Over several years we have proudly held the status of the most trusted name for distinguished car transportation services to and from these types of events.

No matter where a car needs to be moved to or from in the UK, we can complete job carefully, safely and to the highest standards. We ensure that you are able to show off your car without having any worries about getting it there or taking it home. We also provide car covers, storage, and various other services designed to keep your treasured vehicle in top condition.