Cover up this winter

When it comes to classical and vintage cars, a much greater level of care and attention is necessary when storing them. Specialising in the transportation and storage of these fine models, as well as being proud owners ourselves, we understand just how much effort needs to be put in to keep them safe. Ideal for both interior and exterior storage, our range of car covers are just the thing to safeguard your prized possessions.

Waterproof car covers are typically comprised of plastic coated fabric or film and prevent the rain from touching your vehicle. They are handy if you intend to store away the motor during winter, and utilise a flannel cloth cover against its surface and the plastic as an external shield of sorts. This flannel shall wick the moisture off and the plastic provides a resilient outward layer and aids in stopping critters from making the cloth their new home.

Speaking of critters, an additional trick you could employ to defend your vehicle during the winter would be to position mothballs around the outside. This will put the rodents off from moving into your car whilst it’s cold, thereby preventing them from snacking on the wiring, insulation, and upholstery. Their preferences make for some other remarkable issues too. For example, if mice were to stuff the exhaust pipe with acorns or similar objects, the resulting rush from starting up your car can lead to some serious garage door damage.

At Rudler Car Transportation & Storage we stock an array of car covers; each range possesses their own unique properties. Every cover performs its task excellently and with brilliant prices like ours, we’re confident that you won’t find a better solution anywhere else.

If you would like to know more about our covers and what they can offer, we’d be happy to answer your questions. We can even create bespoke one to suit specific vehicle dimensions, catering for unusual shapes and maximising protection in the process.