Covers give your cars a safe and protective enclosure

When choosing a car cover, it is important to select the right material for your car and the storage environment. There are many factors to consider when choosing a cover. Breathability is important, as the wrong cover can trap moisture close to the paintwork. If your car is to be stored outside, you need to be sure the cover can offer full protection against snow, wind and rain. Covers need to be dust-proof with a tight weave that prevents the entry of dust granules. Your car needs protection from UV rays which can cause paintwork and interiors to fade if allowed to penetrate the cover. Covers need to perfectly fit the vehicle and offer adequate resistance to dirt.

After many years of successfully storing cars, we are able to make the most beneficial recommendations for regular or prolonged vehicle coverage. Soft indoor elasticated covers are double-brushed in a polycotton material that breathes naturally and prevents any moisture becoming trapped between the car and the cover. They also protect the surface from scrapes, scratches, dust and corrosion. Covered zips on each side allow easy access and the specially treated exterior offers protection from damp.

The breathable Supertex indoor cover has a soft fleece lining and will not allow any dust particles to enter. The cover is available in three colours and resistant to water making it perfect for outside storage in places such as open barns and carports. Your car will be safe from scratches and the cover can be supplied in Saloon and sports car shapes for semi-tailored fitting.

Custom indoor covers are completely tailored to the contours of your car and give it fantastic aesthetic appeal. Made from a soft cotton acrylic with a luxurious fleecy lining they are available in 15 colours with matching or contrasting piping. We can also provide logos for an additional cost. We carry a range of patterns that fit the majority of cars but we can measure unusually shaped cars for a fitting if required.

Finally, the Moltex-3 outdoor cover offers the ultimate in vehicle protection. Triple layered, quality breathing characteristics and super soft interior lining mean that it can be placed on a vehicle in all weather conditions. It can be securely fitted underneath the car and its UV protection prevents any fading of the paintwork and deterioration of the rubber seals. Our selection of car covers is second to none and our experience in car transportation, storage and covering enables us to cover all your requirements.