Defeating moisture problems with the right storage solution

Vintage cars require the most care and attention due to their status as a valuable collector’s item. When it comes to the most advanced and controlled environment for both long and short term storage, our air chambers are a great solution. With the number of benefits they offer it isn’t an option to be ignored.

Air chambers are an ingenious indoor protection method. They pump up to 50,000 litres of filtered air around your car on a regular basis thanks to the fan systems. This aids in keeping the chamber free from moisture, which in turn prevents the unwanted effects of damp like mildew and rust from coming into play. A chamber can tick all of the right boxes and keep the vehicle in a fantastic condition.

There is another major benefit with air chambers; they are completely portable. This means that you can place them in a wide array of settings and ensure the vehicle is safe. We utilise them in our purpose built buildings to deliver an additional layer of protection for prestigious cars but they are equally good for barns, garages and many other settings.

We have chambers in various sizes in order to accommodate a wide array of cars. Over the years we have provide storage solutions for all manner of vintage vehicles, catering for every size and shape you can think of. Whatever the model we are confident we have a storage solution.

The performance of air chambers has seen them used for storing a myriad of other items as well as vintage vehicles. We have seen them used to store artworks and all manner of delicate items. Although we don’t store these things it further evidence of how good they are.

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage we provide air chamber storage for all of our clients for a fantastic rate. These chambers are the ideal method of protection for vintage cars, offering proven performance. If you would like further information or want to discuss your vehicle please contact us.