Details surrounding insurance and inoperable cars

As a company that has over three decades of experience in car transportation, it is safe to say we know what we are doing. We move vehicles to locations all over the country. In addition, we have the means to ship them overseas should the need arise. To top it all off, we have full insurance to make sure you have cover while we are handling your assets.

Worldwide shipping

Car transportationIt is difficult to not notice when a timeless, beautiful vintage car drives past us. They are considered treasures by many, with collectors all over the world seeking them out. Because of this, people ship their cars worldwide. How else are you going to find that perfect car and put it in your garage?

You could be preparing to ship your vintage motor due to restoration, selling, or relocation reasons. It may even be because you want to add it to a museum collection. Whatever the reason, there are several details to consider. Prior to sending the car on its way, you must look at its overall condition, rarity, and value. The following factors are the ones you really need to keep in mind.

Your insurance

To begin with, you have to inspect the insurance policy you have. For international shipping, you need a special sort of cover. It is known as Marine Insurance, which offers secure protection. This is separate from the normal insurance policy that lets you drive on the road. If you need any help with the various details involved in car transportation, you can speak to our team.

If your plan is to drive the car to the port, you shall require a current MOT and road tax. However, if you use a service to collect the car from the port, you will only require the MOT.

Out of action cars

Another fact you need to know is that it is possible to ship inoperable vehicles. Are you in the market for a fixer-upper? If you buy a motor that is out of action, it is still possible to ship it. Regardless of whether you can drive it or not, there are ways to move the car. You just need to handle things a bit differently. You will need to choose a service this is able to safely load and transport the vehicle.

We use top tier transporters for every car transportation job

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we use transporters that all come with the cleanest Euro 6 standard. We have had them made especially to fit our own requirements and specifications too. There are different options, including models with full cover. Using these vehicles, we can handle the movement of 1 to 4 cars at once.

So, if you would like to experience the greatest car transportation services, make sure you contact us. We can talk to you about all of the requirements, especially if you choose overseas shipping.