Different methods of storage to suit your car

Valuable vehicles, whether they are new or classic models, need to be stored properly if owners want to avoid costly damages. One thing that is crucial is to ensure they are protected from moisture and humidity. Both of these can result in corrosion and harm the value of the vehicle in the long term. This means leaving a car in a cold, damp garage or a warm, humid barn are both bad ideas.

When you do leave a vehicle indoors it is wise to invest in a dehumidifier. The appliance will help to control conditions, efficiently removing moisture from the air and reducing humidity. The end result is that the environment will be much better for storing vehicles in. There is a wide range of different dehumidifies to choose from, using several technologies. Choosing the right type is important if you want to create the perfect setting to store a vehicle in.

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage we understand the importance of storing vehicles in carefully controlled conditions. We operate our own facility in rural Wiltshire, giving vehicle owners a wide array of options to choose from if they want to leave their vehicle at a dedicated site. All of our buildings are purpose built and meticulously managed, ensuring we deliver the best standards for every client.

We are very proud to offer dehumidified car storage in a fully insulated building. The conditions are controlled very carefully to ensure that excess moisture is removed from the air efficiently, reducing the risk of corrosion occurring. We can also provide a prestige service where we will check the vehicles each month to maintain the tyres, fuel levels and the engine. A battery manager will also be used to prevent it from dying.

If you have a vehicle that needs even more protection we can offer air chamber storage. Air chambers provide an extra layer of protection, ensuring air is filtered frequently to remove dust, moisture and other contaminants that may cause damage. Again, you can upgrade to a prestige service with all of the added benefits it offers.

Car owners can rely on us to deliver a fantastic service. We are happy to cater for all kinds of special requests and have experience of working with a very wide array of different vehicles. You can have complete confidence that yours is in good hands.