Do I need car covers for both interior and exterior storage?

We were established in 1986 with the intention of providing classic car owners a safe haven to store their vehicles at any point in the year. This focus has earned us an excellent reputation for the work we do and the care for detail that ensures each vehicle is stored correctly.

Starting off small, as is the same with any establishment, we quickly grew our operations and built up quite the impressive list of customers. Specialising in storage, including the supplying of high-grade car covers, we are the ones to visit if you’re looking for somewhere to store your a valued vehicle.

Sometimes, you may find yourself with one too many cars. This could leave you with less than ideal storage or even leaving the vehicle outside on the kerb. In these cases you can call on us to provide a solution for you.

If you do choose to keep your car on your own site, whether it is stored inside or outdoors, you can make use of car covers. They provide great protection against the elements and other types of damage.

When you do decide to make use of them it is important to remember that not every cover is created equal. There are specific variants designed for indoor and outdoor use because different challenges are presented in both environments. As a result car covers for use outside tend to be thicker and have additional waterproofing because they are exposed directly to the weather.

Now, you may be asking yourself why you should be concerned using about using a cover on a car stored indoors. There are several reasons why you should. Debris and dust is a problem and can cause scratches to paintwork. Covers protect the vehicle from this and keep it pristine. They can even have a very soft inner layer for additional cushioning and protection.

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage we have both inside and outside car covers available. Each one provides outstanding levels of protection whether you use them periodically or for extended periods of time.