Do you have a dying battery on your hands?

When storing cars, people often worry about their batteries. The main concern is that, if they leave them for too long, the power source will die. Our battery conditioners eliminate the need to worry. They work by keeping your battery at an optimal power level. This keeps it in top condition while you are not driving.

A strain on the battery

Battery conditionersOne of the main reasons why people use these conditioners is to prevent their battery from dying. These days, cars have more electrical components in them than ever before. This can really put a strain on the battery, meaning it has a harder time keeping up. Even when you turn your car off, security systems run on the battery. Not to mention, extreme cold and hot weather patterns can negatively impact the power source.

When your battery is indeed dying, you must be able to tell that it is failing. Read on to discover the signs to look for.

Dashboard lights

For one thing, the engine check light shall be on. In truth, this light can mean a bunch of different things. The battery dying is just one of them. What you should do is consult your car manual for information about the light. Afterwards, it is wise to test the battery to see if it is operating at full capacity.

Having a slow start today?

Another sign of a dying battery is a slow-starting engine. This is the final sputtering gasp prior to it failing for good. As time passes, components in batteries wear down and they become less effective. This will lead to the battery requiring more time to produce a charge for your starter. That means you will need to wait a few more seconds for things to get going.

Check the connectors

The battery connectors may be corroded as well. When you examine your power source, spotting an ashy, white substance on them is a definite sign of corrosion. That can result in voltage trouble and issues with starting the car.

A bad smell

Finally, you might notice a rotten smell. You may catch the scent of rotten eggs when you look under the bonnet. This could be because you have a leaking battery. The gas leaks can occur due to internal shorts or damage.

Get your hands on our battery conditioners today

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we have plenty of products to spare. Our collection includes the CTEK XS 0.8, MXS 3.8, and MXS 5.0 models. These designs are all very reasonably priced and are well worth the investment.

If you would like to know more about these battery conditioners, feel free to call us. We can give you advice about how they work and the benefits of using one.