Do you want a regular battery charger or a trickle charger?

battery conditionersIf you won’t be driving your vehicle frequently you may want to look into chargers and battery conditioners. These useful devices can help to maintain the charge so batteries work when you do come to use them. They are a great option if the vehicle will be off the road for a while.

However, deciding what type of charger or conditioner to use can be a little bit trickier than most people expect. There can actually be some big differences in how the devices work.

What is a regular charger?

This is what most people will think of when they consider how a charger works. The aim is to recharge a battery as quickly as possible. What that means is there will be a steady stream of high volts.

What is a trickle charger?

Instead of a steady stream of high volts, this kind of charger delivers a low voltage and takes time to fully charge a battery. The idea is to offset the slow drain that occurs when you are not driving.

What do you need?

Regular chargers are the best option if you have a battery that is flat or has very low power, especially if you need to use it soon. This is because the higher recharging voltage means it can be ready to use much faster.

Trickle chargers on the other hand are better for maintaining batteries. If you have one with a full or good charge but won’t be driving for a while, you can use this kind of charger to offset the slow natural drain. It can help to keep the battery at 95% to 100% charge.

Any concerns?

While regular chargers offer more speed, there is a small risk with using them. You need to monitor the charge to ensure you don’t suffer with overheating or overcharging. Both could damage the battery. There is no risk of either with a trickle charger because the voltage is so low. They also only turn on when the charge falls below a certain level and stop charging when the battery is 100%.

Talk to us about battery conditioners

At Rudler Car Transportation & Storage we have products from leading brands like CTEK. There are options for any needs, including trickle chargers and ones that can offer multiple types of charging. These conditioners are market leading because of their impressive performance and attractive features.

So, if you want to look into battery conditioners and how they can help you, why not browse our website? Or, if you prefer, you can contact us directly for advice. We have lots of happy customers who use these products when they store vehicles with us and others who buy them to use at home.