Don’t let condensation ruin your car

Cars can be very valuable, both because of sentiment and money. Therefore the logical thing to do is to take the right measures to protect the vehicles. Air chambers are one of many effective ways you can do this. They are great for both short and long term storage.

Protecting Your Car From Condensation

When the temperatures change quickly it causes condensation to occur. Water vapour in the air will form into droplets if it cools down. Some prime examples are windows fogging up on a cold day and mirrors in a bathroom after showering. It will also happen when the moist air comes into contact with the cold body of a vehicle.

One area where you do not want this to happen is on or in your car. If it does, the moisture may result in rust. This can destroy the value of your car and end in you spending a lot of time and money attempting to fix it. So, be proactive and stop it from happening.

The Best Solution

Investing in an air chamber offers great protection. You don’t need to worry about sharp changes in temperature when storing a vehicle in one. The fans as well as the filtration systems will get rid of moisture and keep the air dry. The strength and quality of the framework allows you to create the perfect storage space.

Or, why not take a look at the Cair-o-port? The efficient system makes access easy and also allows you to carry out simple maintenance from within. Chambers are one of the best and most cost effective storage options you can choose. More importantly, they can be set up in a variety of different locations, including barns, garages, and outbuildings.

You can also use air chambers in conjunction with our purpose build storage facility for the best results. We care for both you and your car so get in touch. Rudler Car Transportation & Storage also provides a range of other solutions too, including transporting vehicles for you. This helps to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible and means you only need to deal with us.