Don’t let moisture destroy your leather interior

High quality leather interiors can be one of the most impressive aspects of a luxury vehicle. However, although the material is durable, moisture can damage it in time. That means you must choose a storage solution with climate controls to tackle this. Air chambers are a great option, especially models that can filter the air.

What happens to leather when there is too much moisture?

Air chambersThe good thing to remember here is that leather is tanned to give it the right finish and softness. This also improves the strength and durability. But, if you leave the material somewhere it is very humid, it can weaken it and cause all kinds of damage.

One of the biggest issues that can happen here is the moisture and humidity can allow mould and bacteria to grow. This can ruin the material if you leave it long enough.

It is also important to keep in mind that leather has tiny microscopic holes in it. This helps the material to breathe and absorb a small amount of moisture to keep it soft. However, if you leave it somewhere the humidity is too high, it can take in too much. This can cause it to rot.

How to protect your car interior?

What you need to do is store your vehicle where it can have the right level of humidity. Too much and you can encounter the issues we spoke of above. But, it is not as simple as removing all of it. The leather will need a little to remain soft and supple. If it is bone dry where you store your vehicle the leather could get brittle and crack.

Ideally what you need is a solution like an air chamber. They give you the ability to control the humidity so the level is perfect. This can avoid it getting too excessive or too low.

Talk to us about air chambers

Rudler knows how damaging humidity can be, especially to luxury and vintage cars. Luckily, we work hard to help our clients protect their vehicles. We can offer expert storage solutions at our facility. We have the perfect space for storing vehicles and even give people the option to use an air chamber. These are also great products to use at home in your own garage.

So, if you have concerns about your vehicle, including the leather interior, ask us about air chambers. We can tell you more about how they work and ensure you choose the right model.