Don’t let terrible car preparation be your downfall

Car storageWe have spent many years offering customers the greatest car storage services in the UK. Our facility is purpose-built so it is safe and secure. Because we are close to Gatwick and Heathrow airports, we can aid customers from across the globe. Additionally, we have a workshop on site that we use for valeting and minor maintenance needs.

You may have a car that you don’t use but want to hold on to. Storage is usually the best option here as a top service can preserve the vehicle. What you need to understand however is that bad preparation can cause a lot of issues. Flat tyres, broken wipers, and paint damage are notable examples. The following are the moves you need to avoid making.

Remove that battery

To begin with, you should think about removing the battery. Batteries typically lose their charge when you put them in storage. Many people plan to keep their car out of circulation for over one month. To prevent issues, your best bet would be to take the battery out and connect it to a conditioner. Store it in a dry place too.


Keeping your wipers on is also not recommended. With long term storage in particular, you are better off removing them. Another option you have is to place a piece of plastic between the glass and blades. If you don’t do this, they could attach themselves to your windshield and cause damage.


Let’s talk about the handbrake next. Setting it on prior to leaving your vehicle in storage is not the best idea. We say this because of the brake pads that preserve contact with the rotors. If this goes on for too long a time, these pads can fuse. To prevent movement safely, you should use tyre stoppers.

No flat spots

Not inflating the tyres before storage is another bad idea many people have had. In storage, you are going to be leaving your car in a stationary position for a long time. When this happens, it is possible for flat spots to happen. To avoid this, inflate your tyres to the right levels prior to storage. Or, even better, jack the car up off the ground.


Finally, you should not allow your car insurance to lapse. Storing a car without getting coverage may seem tempting. Yet, it is not possible to predict what is going to happen. Problems can arise even when a car is in storage. By ending and reinstating your coverage, you might have to pay extra.

You can rely on our secure car storage

At Rudler, we keep all vehicles inside our facility. This is both for security and preservation reasons. We cover our site using top of the line CCTV and alarm systems. Moreover, we live on site, allowing us to quickly respond should a problem arise.

So, for the very best car storage services money can buy, please contact us. We can handle many types of vehicle, including rare models.