Draining the fuel system post-storage

The specialities of our company are climate controlled and secure car storage services. We don’t simply do this for any old vehicle however, instead focusing on vintage, prestige, sports, and classic models that owners want to preserve at all costs. Our air chambers in particular are a favourite amongst our clients, something you’ll really thank yourself for using in the future.

After keeping your car stationary within an air chamber for months or even a full year, there are certain checks you’ll have to conduct to ensure that everything still functions. What you’re doing here is basically undoing all those steps that were first taken when you put it to rest. At the same time, you’re looking for anything that might have gone wrong.

If you need to drain your fuel system, you must ensure you have a fresh supply. As you add it to the car, stop every now and then and do a quick inspection for leaks in the hoses, fuel lines, and tank. If you discover water inside, you can either drain the aged gas and replace it with a fresh reserve, or re-emulsify the petrol/water/ethanol mix.

Should the fuel that exists in the float bowls be decrepit, remove the bowls and begin draining it. If this kind of gas lies within the lines, uncouple the line/hose at your carb and point the end towards a disused can or bucket. Pressurize your tank or energise the pumps and propel a level of petrol that’s enough to clear out the hoses and lines of any worn out gas that remains.

At Rudler Car Transportation & Storage, the cair-o-port air chambers that we use have gained quite the reputation for themselves. With its three fans, the chamber works to guarantee that every opening on your car is kept dry, negating the threat that is posed by condensation.

If our storage methods have caught your attention and you’d like to know more, you’re more than welcome to contact us.