Driving in the snow and ice

Car transportationIn order to move vehicles professionally, you need to know what you are doing. With over three decades of experience in car transportation, we have all the skills we need to do the job. We use open or covered trailers as well as covered transporters. Not to mention, we have all these vehicles on our National Operators License.

During the winter, even confident drivers can find it difficult to navigate the roads. Any mixture of low sun, freezing fog, ice, or snow can make journeys much harder. If you want to remain safe while on the roads, it is best to use the tips below. These are things we always think about when transporting vehicles in tricky weather.

A safe distance

To begin with, you need to keep a safe distance. When driving in ice and snow, you must keep further back from the vehicle in front of you. In this kind of weather, braking distances are far longer than they are at other points in the year. There is also more danger of you slipping and sliding. Ensuring that there is sufficient room between you and the other vehicle is vital in case you or they need to stop suddenly. Your chances of avoiding a collision will be greater.

Higher gears

Drive in a higher gear as well. You will have superior control over a vehicle when you do. The same goes for starting too. In some instances, driving off in ice and snow will be hard. Usually, you would use first gear whilst attempting to start moving. However, you can try using second gear and setting off if you are struggling to get everything under control. If you require first rate car transportation services, please contact our team.

Preparation is key

It goes without saying that you also need to prepare for the conditions. You can get caught out even on one of the finer winter days. Fog can rapidly descend. You may even find yourself encountering freezing fog once the sun goes down. Here, temperatures are going to plummet. Before any long journey, see to it that you have a blanket, torch, and some water. These will aid you if you get stranded or break down and need to call for help.

Check the tyres

Finally, examine your tyres. You need to frequently check the tread and tyre pressures throughout the year. However, it is even more critical to keep an eye on everything in the winter. In slippery conditions, it is harder for tyres to grip the road. Ensuring they are the right pressure and have enough tread is vital.

Car transportation for any model

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we are capable of dealing with multiple cars at a time. This is possible thanks to the special vehicles we use. However, if you only want to move one vehicle or want a transport to yourself, we can arrange this too.

Over time, people have come to consider us to be the top choice for vintage and classic car transportation. We take all the necessary precautions and don’t overcharge for our services either. So, if we can help you in any way, don’t hesitate to contact us.