Efficiently transporting your classic automobiles

The collection and restoration of classic cars is a hobby practised worldwide. Many car enthusiasts love to collect and care for authentic vehicles that represent the evolution of the automobile industry throughout the years. We understand that the vehicles you collect are more than just possessions, they are a passion. This is why you need a reputable and dedicated company when it comes to shipping them to alternative locations.

Our services have been specifically designed to offer our customers the safe, secure and reliable car transportation they are looking for. As we specialise in shipping classic and beloved vehicles, you can rest assured we know exactly how to provide excellent transportation that ensures your vehicle arrives safely at its destination.

We have a National Operator’s License and we operate in accordance with all regulations for maximum efficiency and safety, so you can be sure we have the resources to move all cars safely and without incident. We have been transporting vehicles throughout the UK and Europe for many years, and although we do not operate outside of Europe, we are happy to recommend some high quality worldwide shipping companies that we have built good relationships with.

Over the years we have acquired a large and varied customer base, regularly transporting vehicles on behalf of private collectors, auction houses, museums dealers and more. We are dedicated classic car enthusiasts ourselves, and we offer a personalised service that ensures your cars are placed in the best possible care.

Our transporters have been specially designed and manufactured to meet our own specialist requirements and we use a selection of covered transporters along with open or covered trailers. We can move up to three vehicles at a time, and each of our transporters have shallow winches, air suspension and load angles.

We have become renowned for moving extremely high calibre cars, including models such as Porsche 9011s, Lamborghini Diablos and Bentleys. All cars are fully insured whilst in our care and regardless of age, condition and value we take equal care of every vehicle entrusted to us. If you would like to know more about our transportation service or find out how our air chambers can be used for safe, secure car storage, just get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.