Finding a new place for your car to stay

Ours is a company that began by doing deliveries with a small van. These days, the services we offer are much broader. In addition to car transportation, we also specialise in storage. A vital part of this involves us providing air chambers. These state of the art products keep cars dry and free from the dangers of condensation.

Like us humans, cars often require somewhere new to stay. Regardless of what the model is, vehicles will need to relocate. This is for their own benefit as well as that of their owners. In various instances, the vehicles are relocating into storage.

Do your research

Storing your car in a parking space or unit demands some preparation. You might have used storage units your entire adult life. On the other hand, this could be your first time. You could even be on the fence about wanting to use one. Whatever the case, you will have to do your research here. The following details are the ones you need to know when storing cars.

Do you need storage?

air chambersBefore fully disregarding car storage, ask yourself whether you need to store your car. The main reason why people do it is because they don’t use the vehicle very much. Furthermore, it takes up space at home. If you are leaving it outside, it will be wearing down slowly because of the weather. If any of this sounds familiar, then car storage is definitely for you. Using off-site solutions shall free space on your property. With our facility and air chambers, we will keep your car in top condition too.

Those most likely to use storage

There are many excellent examples of car owners that would likely use a storage unit instead of road side or driveway parking. These include travel nurses, firefighters, and those on military duty. It is the same for anyone else who has a job that requires them to be away for months at a time. This can include people who work on oil rigs and overseas.

Sports and classic models

Owners of sports and classic cars are also going to want to seriously consider using a storage facility. Treat your special vehicle the right way and properly store it. Some people are lucky enough to have a large garage, but most of us don’t have one of these. Those that don’t will definitely want to use a storage facility.

Take advantage of our cair-o-port air chambers

At Rudler Car Transportation & Storage, we make use of the cair-o-port system. We favour it due the effectiveness and ease of use. These devices stay in place until the owner returns for their car. Additionally, we can still access the car anytime we need to if maintenance is required.

If you would like to use these air chambers yourself, please let us know. We can provide the perfect service for you and even collect your vehicle.