Giving your battery the pulse of life

While transportation and storage services act as the soul of our establishment, they aren’t the only ones that we have to offer. Battery conditioners are an important tool when it comes to automobiles and as such we have taken it upon ourselves to offer them to those in need of one.

Not everyone will have heard of these valuable devices however, but be assured that you won’t regret purchasing one. The battery conditioner is a computerized piece of gear that is designed to charge, maintain, and prevents sulfation from occurring in batteries. Motor cycles and off-road vehicles are particularly at risk from the problem as they tend to sit for periods of time between uses. Sulfation acts as the primary cause of battery failure and is the result of repeated swings from a discharged state to a charged one, overcharging and hot climates.

Sulfation happens when sulphuric acid or electrolyte breaks down and results in lead sulphur crystals coating the plates inside the acid battery. The battery’s ability to convert chemical energy to the electrical kind diminishes as a result. It also weakens the electrolyte solution and reduces the battery’s skill to accept a charge. If the sulfation is particularly advanced, your battery will be rendered useless.

The service provided by the battery conditioner is three-fold. To begin with, it can recondition a used battery by sending small resonate pulses to break down sulphuric crystal levels. Up next is its ability to automatically charge batteries falling bellow peak levels. Last but not least, it maintains peak charge by monitoring the battery state and charges only when necessary. This prevents future sulfation and overcharging.

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage we have a selection of battery conditioners available such as the CTEK XS 0.8. People rely on cars for a number of reasons throughout their lives and so it is important to keep them in top condition. If you would like more information on our products, feel free to get in touch.