Has the seller done what you’ve asked?

Rudler Car Transportation and Storage is a business that has over three decades of experience. We use it to excellent effect as well. Every transporter we own complies with the Euro 6 standard. In addition, we’ve customised them so that they can meet the necessary needs and specifications of our clients. In terms of insurance, each vehicle is 100% insured whilst it is with us. This is regardless of whether we’re driving or transporting it.

Let’s say that you purchase the car of your dreams. The next step is to organise the collection and delivery. You’ll want it at your front door as soon as possible. However, you won’t want anything to go wrong while it is in transit. Here are some of our own expert tips on how you can achieve this.

No stray items

Contact the seller and ask them to confirm that they’ve removed everything that shouldn’t be in the vehicle. They should examine everywhere, including the glove box and boot for any stray personal goods. There may be objects they intend to leave. This includes toolboxes and first aid kits. Ask them to secure these items so that they don’t rattle or roll about. There could be potential damages otherwise.


Something else you need to do is make certain that the seller turns the alarm off. There are few things more infuriating than moving cars that scream and flash at everyone. Not to mention, it’s never ideal when a car arrives with a flat battery. If you didn’t do so beforehand, ask them how to turn it back on again.

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we possess open and covered options to cater for any need. Whether you want your vehicle on a trailer or a transporter, we can do it. The former permits us to oversee the movement of up to four vehicles. We also have many credentials, including a National Operators License. Our team has listed each moving vehicle we have on this license.

If we can help you at all, please let us know. We set very high standards for car transportation and have experience carrying classic, prestige and modern vehicles. We serve the whole of the UK and care for every vehicle as if it was our own.