How are lithium and lithium-ion batteries different?

battery conditionersWe like to look after our clients when they come to us for a professional service. In addition to providing stellar support, we offer first rate battery conditioners. They work by keeping the battery charge at a certain point so they do not drain entirely. When you return to your car, you will find the power source is in a great condition and ready to use.

When you are looking after a battery, it can pay to know the differences between designs. There are many different ones out there, from automotive to button, so variety isn’t exactly lacking. Several terms exist too, which can cause confusion. We will be focusing specifically on lithium-ion and standard lithium batteries here. People often wonder about the differences so we are going to offer some info for you.

The similarities

Before we dive into the distinctions, let’s go over the things they have in common. In both instances, they offer portable electricity. They work by storing electric charges inside the chemical makeup. Once you connect their electrodes, producing a circuit, the charges start flowing between the anode and cathode. This creates the electrical current that offers power to the contraption that uses the battery.


A lengthy explanation of how the batteries are different does exist. However, it primarily comes down to the fact that lithium batteries are single use. Lithium-ion ones are rechargeable. If you are still curious as to what the specific differences are, we would be happy to go on.


The most substantial difference is the cell type they utilise. Lithium batteries have a primary cell construction. What this means is that they are non-rechargeable. Ion batteries however come with secondary cell construction. This is why you can recharge them.

Why do both still exist?

Some of you may also be wondering why we have both types. Lithium batteries came along before their ion counterparts. However, the fact they were single use was a problem. So, companies had motivation to figure out some sort of rechargeable substitute.

You can recharge the ion batteries many times before they deteriorate. Therefore, you might wonder why standard lithium batteries still exist. Even though you can only use them once, they have an excellent capacity. So, they can last for a long time on a single charge. You can also have them sitting on the shelf without deteriorating much. That means there are still plenty of uses for them.

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