How can I look after fuel when a car is in storage?

There are many variables with car storage. However, this increases when you’re dealing with vintage and classic designs. As owners of them ourselves, we know this fact all too well. We have years of experience though. This means we’re more than qualified to look after these vehicles.

As time passes, fuel quality can deteriorate if you leave it in engines and tanks. Petrol turns stale because it is not meant to sit for the long term. Consequently, the pump, lines, and tank become gummed up. Diesel waxes, which is similar to gumming. Fuel within the pumps carries additives. Their job is to stop complications like this from developing. Yet, they also decay over time.

If you require long-term car storage remember you can use various strategies to care for the fuel. We have provided some details on a few of them below.

Keep adding fresh supplies

Try leaving a miniscule amount of fuel in your tank. From there, add fresh supplies to it once every few months. This can revitalise the fuel in the tank and it won’t go off.

Fill up

The alternative is to completely fill up your tank. Preferably, you should use a high-octane grade fuel. The greater quantity of quality fuel won’t decline as rapidly as a smaller volume.


You can also try filling the tank and introducing a stabiliser. This shall provide you with excellent storage conditions. It will work to stop the fuel from going gummy in the lines and tank. When utilised at prime dilution, the stabiliser can defend your fuel for two years.

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