How do battery conditioners work?

If you have long searched for an impartial review and explanation of how car battery conditioners work, then look no further. Most marketing companies understandably put their products in the limelight, so often people are wary of how much of what’s said is true. However, regarding CTEK products you should only find what they preach to be true. These devices do exactly what they say on the box, maintaining the charge of your vehicle’s battery.

Reducing the risk of sulfation

The common problem of car batteries and sulfation is one of the main reasons they require a replacement. This affects around 80% of all batteries. The electricity made creates a sulphate compound and eventually builds up, meaning less overall power from the battery. By installing a battery conditioner, electrical power is better controlled and therefore sulfation is reduced greatly.

When a battery is first started, it requires only a small charge; especially if previously left off for a while. Battery conditioners allows this small charge to occur; around 20%. When it is safely charged to this point, the CTEK conditioner can rapidly charge and sustain a high voltage. However, prior to reaching full charge it will trickle charge for around 10 hours.

Maximising performance

Furthermore, the conditioner is clever enough to analyse its performance; ensuring the battery will not bleed anything. Along with this, it will then recondition the component, bringing it back to its full performance.

The following stages, namely float and pulse maintenance, is how it sustains a good charge for up to 10 days. The clever gadget is extremely energy efficient, as it doesn’t waste any energy; perfect for classic and vintage cars.

Rudler Car Transportation and Storage swear by these pieces of technology, which is why we provide only the best on the market. You can buy battery conditioners from us with complete confidence.

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