How do I stop my battery from getting cold?

At Rudler, our team works hard to ensure that our clients’ cars remain in top condition. We frequently have the task of storing these vehicles and must make certain they don’t deteriorate. Part of the way we do this is through the use of battery conditioners. These handy little devices keep the charge of your power source above a certain level. That will address the steady drain and lack of recharge because you aren’t driving.

Battery conditionersIf there is one thing that can be hard on car batteries, it is the winter. Those who have had trouble with a stuttering engine on a cold morning will tell you how bad things can get. Cold temperatures negatively influence the chemical process that takes place in batteries. As a result, they may not produce as much electricity and can struggle to hold the charge. It is this that people experience when attempting to start the engine. To prevent it, you need to know what you can do to keep the battery warm.

Regular drives

One solution would be to drive the car regularly. The engine warms the battery when you do. Thus, some regular driving can keep the cold away. At the same time, you can charge the battery. What you need to remember is to go on a decent length journey. It can take half an hour of driving at least to get a good charge. This will depend on the battery and vehicle age.

Park inside

Another option would be to park in a garage or storage facility. Parking inside will be an easy way of keeping the motor and its battery away from the wind chill and can lessen the cold. For those who don’t have a garage, we have excellent storage facilities on offer. You can keep the car here while using our battery conditioners to maintain it.

Don’t immediately turn on the electronics

Something else you should do is take a moment before you switch the electronics on. The features like the stereo, GPS, and heaters all need electricity from the battery. Switching each one on the moment you start the vehicle puts extra strain on the power source. As such, a good idea would be to have the engine turn over prior to using them. Before you leave the car, make certain you turn them off again as well.

Battery conditioners and more

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we provide everything you need to store vehicles safely all year long. We park all cars inside our facility, ensuring they are safe and have protection from the weather. We can then provide covers and air chambers.

Plus, we have three different battery conditioners; the CTEK XS 0.8, MXS 3.8, and MXS 5.0 models. Each one is fairly priced and shall keep your power source in great condition. In addition, we have free connector kits with them to help with those hard to reach batteries.

So, if you would like to use these fine devices, please let us know.