How does a car battery actually charge?

Many people underestimate how important car batteries are. However, modern cars have very complex electrical systems. Therefore, the power source is vital. With that in mind, it is even more important to invest in battery conditioners. They can help prevent issues such as flat batteries.

Why do batteries go flat?

A number of different things can result in a drained battery. For example, you may leave the lights on by accident or use electronics in the vehicle when the engine is not running. In addition, batteries will naturally lose their capacity as they age and can deteriorate faster if you overcharge them. If you only drive short distances, you also may not be allowing the battery to fully charge.


battery conditionersModern cars have an alternator which charges the battery as you drive the car. Older vehicles do the same sort of thing but they have a dynamo instead. The key thing to remember is that both require you to actually drive the vehicle. Generally you will need to drive for long enough to generate enough current to charge the battery.

If there is an issue with the battery not charging, it could be because of age of wear. Or, it could also be due to a problem with the alternator or dynamo.

As we said above, only driving short distances won’t allow the battery to charge. Leaving a car in storage for a long time will do the same. It will gradually lose power through lack of use. This is something you need to avoid.

Using battery conditioners

One way to prevent a battery from going flat is to use a conditioner. This can monitor the charge and then pulse when it drops. The small trickle of power helps to recharge it, offsetting the natural drain from lack of use. The end result is the battery should be fine when you come to use it.

The great thing about battery conditioners is you can rely on them if your car is in storage for the long term. However, they are still great for short term use too. If you want to try using a conditioner, Rudler would be happy to help. We supply high quality models from reliable brands. Find out more on our website or contact us.