How does dehumidification work with car storage?

Classic cars are those that require the most attention, whether you have them in long term storage or keep them on the road. As owners of these fine models ourselves, we understand this fact more than anyone else does.

With purpose built premises, which only look like old farm sheds at first glance, we take care of your cars and see to it that they are returned to you in the same state that they were given. Additionally, thanks to our close proximity to Gatwick and Heathrow airports, our service is appropriate for clients the world over.

Our business is one that is proud to offer its clients with a purpose built fully dehumidified and insulated car storage structure. This building is suitable for any vehicle and has managed to impress quite a number of people with its protective capabilities.

For those who aren’t too familiar with these mechanisms, dehumidifiers operate in a somewhat similar manner to vacuum cleaners. They suck in the air from the room at one end, removes any moisture that is present, and then blow it into the room again. The collected moisture drips into a collection tank and must be emptied every so often.

By ridding the air from the building of moisture, everything that is stored within shall remain protected from corrosion and condensation. Dehumidifiers don’t need a substantial amount of money to run and there isn’t a lot of maintenance involved with them either. The best ones will have the means to tolerate periodic changes in the air, with the opening of a garage door being a prime example of this.

At Rudler Car Transportation & Storage we work very hard to ensure all vehicles stored with us are protected. Alongside the purpose-built building we also offer air chambers for individual cars. These have dehumidifiers built in and keep the air inside clean and fresh.

Rest assured that while your car remains with us, it is in the safest possible hands. If you require our assistance, please let us know.