How does the air intake system work?

air chambersOur expertise is the storage and transportation of cars. Specifically, we work with an array of prestige, classic and vintage vehicles. In order to protect such valuable models, we go to great lengths to ensure they are safe from all kinds of things. This includes moisture, dirt, and more. One of the options is using our top tier air chambers; they are some of the most effective storage options available so we always recommend them.

One of the most important parts of storing a car is looking after its various components. This includes the air intake system. To be able to care for it, you must know how it works as well as what its purpose is. There are numerous car owners out there who are not aware of what these systems do. Thankfully, we are here to reveal all the important details to you.

The purpose

The air intake system’s purpose is to let air travel to your car’s engine. Oxygen within the air is one of the prime ingredients for engine combustion. A decent intake system enables continuous and clean airflow into your engine. As a result, it obtains superior mileage and more power for your car.

A contemporary system consists of three primary components. These are the throttle body, mass flow sensor, and air filter. Positioned right behind the front grille, the system draws air past an extensive plastic tube. This then goes into the air filter housing. It will end up being mixed with your car fuel. At this point, the air will go to the intake manifold that provides the air mixture/fuel to your engine cylinders.

The air filter

This is a vital part of an intake system. Through the air filter, your car can breathe. Normally, this is a metal or plastic box. An engine demands a precise mixture of air and fuel so it can operate. All of the air first enters the system through this filter. It’s the role of the air filter to remove foreign particles like dirt in the air. This therefore stops them from damaging the engine.

The mass flow sensor

This will show the mass of air that is setting foot in a fuel injected internal combustion engine. Two common forms of these air flow sensors exist; hot wire or vane meters.

The throttle body

Finally, there is the throttle body. This is the section of the intake system that manages the level of air that travels into the engine’s combustion chamber. It includes a bored housing that has a throttle plate. Said plate rotates on a shaft. Once the accelerator becomes depressed, the plate is able to open and let air into the engine.

You can count on our air chambers

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