How does the weather affect car transport?

If you are arranging car transportation for the colder and wetter months, choose us. We ensure there is no need to worry about it more than at any other time. With our considerate services, your vehicle will always be in good hands. We take the necessary precautions to ensure it is safe throughout the move. As a result it will arrive at the destination in great condition and on time.


It is always important to plan a move but the weather may not be on your side. You may have checked the forecast only to find it was wrong. Regardless of the conditions, you can keep the vehicle safe so long as you know what to do.

An example of this is allowing for extra time. Conditions like rain can make the roads slippery. Therefore it requires people to take the utmost care. By allowing additional time, even if the weather slows down the transportation process, it will get to where you need it to be effectively. You should discuss your schedule and needs with us for optimal planning. In some cases it may be necessary to adjust the dispatch time.


There are different methods of moving a car. In terms of protecting it from adverse weather like rain, snow, strong wind and hail, covering it is the best option. This will keep it secure and also ensure metal parts stay dry to protect against potential water damage.

It is a good idea to check the route too. The driver will need to be careful of rough terrain and potential hazards or delays like roadworks.

Rudler Car Transportation & Storage has 30+ years in the industry. We specialise in classic, vintage and special models because these are what we are passionate about. Don’t be anxious about leaving your vehicle in our hands; our name says it all about our expertise.

For the ultimate car transportation, you can have confidence in us to give you what you are looking for. Contact our team today to talk about the transports we have and plan a service.