How long can a car sit in storage?

People have been driving less frequently in the last 6 months because of coronavirus. With winter fast approaching, this amount will fall even more. What this all means is more cars will be sitting for periods without being driven. This could be bad for the vehicle. As a leading provider of car storage, the Rudler team knows all about how long you can leave a car before problems may begin.

Newer vehicles

Car storageThe great thing about modern vehicles is they can usually sit for longer without issues. This is because of the newer technology and materials. However, not driving the vehicle for a long time can cause issues with the battery and tyres. You need to think about the first in particular because most vehicles will require the electricity to start the engine. The host of electronics onboard also means the batteries can drain faster than you expect.

A good rule if you have a modern car is to drive it every two to three weeks. This will help to prevent issues from developing. You should ensure you drive far enough to fully charge the battery.

Older vehicles

People tend to leave older vehicles in storage for longer periods to try to protect them. However, this could actually be allowing more issues to develop. That is especially true if they don’t choose the right car storage.

It is important to take more precautions to protect vintage and classic cars if you are storing them. You want to protect them against moisture, dirt, and anything else that could damage them. In addition, you need to think about wear on the tyres, the battery, and even the interior if it is a delicate material like soft leather.

Good practice is to do regular checks on the vehicle when it is in storage. This should also include starting it periodically, rotating the wheels if it is sitting on the ground, and cleaning.

Come to us for car storage

Rudler Car Transportation & Storage is a professional business with lots of happy customers. We can store all kinds of cars for as long as you need us to. As part of this we can do regular health checks and keep an eye out for signs of deterioration. We can even use things like air chambers and battery conditioners for extra protection.

If you want to talk to us about car storage, please get in touch. We can give you lots of advice about how long cars should sit for and more.