How should I dry my car?

We have been specialising in secure car storage for prestige, classic, sports, and vintage models for a long time. In order to ensure your vehicles are safe, we use the best security at our facilities. Furthermore, we have access to reliable air chambers. These products keep your vehicle in peak condition, tackling issues with moisture and more.

air chambersBefore you stick your car into storage, you might want to wash it. It could be that you want it to look its best before you say goodbye to it for a while. Or you may want to reduce the risk of any dirt or grime causing problems while it is away. Whatever the case, washing is a good idea. You must ensure you dry the vehicle afterwards though. It is vital for you to consider how to do this in the correct ways. To help, we are going to discuss all the potential ways you can dry your car off.

Air drying

Firstly, you can allow the car to air dry. One downside to this though is that you can end up with a poor finish. This is because of the water spots and smears. They can appear on your bodywork when there is an area of hard water. If you wish to circumvent this, you can fit water filters on the water you are rinsing your vehicle with. Results tend to be poor with this method so it is not recommended.

Rubber blade

Another option would be to use a rubber blade to get rid of excess water. This could be a quick way of disposing of the water from a car by ‘squeegeeing’. Yet, this can be dangerous. If there is any grit remaining post wash and rinse, it can drag across the bodywork. That will result in scratches. You can avoid this by rinsing your car thoroughly after the wash. Then, after every gentle sweep of your blade, run it between your thumb and finger to cleanse the working edge. Afterwards, you can place it back onto your bodywork. Because of the potential scratching, this is another drying method you should avoid.

Microfibre and forced air drying

There is also microfibre drying. If you have dealt with expert detailers before, they may have insisted on using microfibre towels. You can use these to pat dry the bodywork. It may take some time, but the results will be worth it. There is also forced air drying, where a machine blows air via a nozzle. It acts like a reverse vacuum cleaner. This is also expensive, but provides good results.

Everything to love about our air chambers

Our Cair-o-port chamber is among the best solutions available. Thanks to the exterior frame, it is easy and quick to access the vehicle when you need to. Additionally, the system has three fans to filter and circulate the air. This will keep the crevices dry and stops condensation from taking over. All of this, in addition to the price, has made our chambers attractive to countless people.

So, if you would like to use the air chambers for your vehicle, please let us know. We can arrange the perfect service for you, giving your car the respect it deserves.