How well do you know your battery’s life cycle?

We began our business by doing deliveries with a small van. Eventually, we grew into a specialist that excels at transporting vintage and classic cars. In addition, we provide storage for any client that requires it. During storage, we give clients the opportunity to use a selection of battery conditioners. They can keep the charge above a certain level so that it does not go flat while the vehicle is not in regular use.

The battery has had an essential role in the functions of vehicles for decades. Unfortunately, there are some myths surrounding them that have managed to circulate the web. We are going to explain one of them and replace the myth with cold hard facts.

Battery life

Battery conditionersWe are going to cover the battery life and death as we feel as if it is the most important topic to discuss. Your battery should be serving you for six years at least. Like the majority of car components though, this depends on your treatment of it. Numerous recharge/discharge cycles shorten the life of all batteries. What’s more, using electronics inside the car when the engine is not running will quickly kill the battery. Batteries can preserve their charge when the engine is on. Once you turn it off though, those electronics shall start drawing from it directly.

Nothing must be left behind

What you must do to avoid this is turn your interior lights and headlights off every time you finish driving. Leaving mobile phones and GPS devices inside the car can drain the battery as well so be careful to turn them off.

There are those that seem to think this will keep their batteries running forever. However, they will die out eventually. A failing battery typically produces obvious symptoms. Watch out for battery warning lights on the dash and slow cranking on start up.

Talk to us about battery conditioners

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we have several battery conditioning options to offer you. They include the CTEK MXS 5.0, CTEK MXS 3.8, and CTEK XS 0.8. Each one comes with its own strengths so take a closer look to see which matches your needs.

Feel free to speak to us if you are finding it hard to choose one between our battery conditioners. We can let you know which model would be the most suitable for your needs.