Invest in a quality car cover

We understand that not everyone has the same needs for their car. This is why we offer a range of storage solutions for your vehicle. One option is our collection of car covers. All of them are made to the highest standards so that you can have peace of mind that your car won’t succumb to the elements.

What can damage your car?

There are many things that can hurt your car. People and animals may not be intending to cause damage. But, those curious enough to get close may damage the paintwork. Also, the weather and environment can leave things such as moisture and dirt behind. Over time, these can have negative effects.

A lot of people think that leaving a car in a garage or placing an old bed sheet on top is enough to keep it safe. This is simply not the case. Even if you choose a soft material to prevent scratching, they probably aren’t breathable and will hold onto moisture. It’s not surprising that they don’t do a good job as they’re not designed to be on cars.

Choose proper car covers

A car cover can be a useful layer between your vehicle and the rest of the world. They can also be a helpful alternative for those who don’t have a garage. The Moltex-5 Outdoor cover allows you to protect your car from the environment, avoiding moisture all year round.

The design of our covers allow for an excellent fit, while remaining breathable. While they are perfect for almost all cars, those with a unique shape may need something else. But, don’t worry. We can provide you with what you need with our custom cover. We tailor it, and if you would like we could also add a logo too for a small fee.

When you want to keep your car looking amazing, don’t compromise on quality. At Rudler Car Transportation & Storage, we have a range of solutions to suit everyone’s storing needs. Look to us to find high quality car covers. Why let the environment damage your car when there is a simple solution available to you?

You can find out more about all of our covers on our website. Alternatively contact us directly for information. We can even provide suggestions if you are unsure which type will be best for your specific vehicle.