Is your vehicle safe in your garage?

Storing your car in a garage is a good way to protect it from the elements, but it will not provide a complete solution. Moisture, dust and other contaminants will usually still be able to find their way to the vehicle, so you must take additional measures, especially if you own a classic or vintage vehicle and want to ensure it stays in excellent condition and retains its value. Using a car cover is a simple way to give your vehicle the added protection it needs.

There are many different types of car covers on the market, but they are all designed to protect vehicles from moisture, dust and scratches. The best ones are made of breathable materials that prevent moisture from getting to the vehicle, thereby reducing the risk of corrosion and other damages. When you pick a cover you should ensure it will keep moisture out as well as preventing it from building up between the car and the material; if this happens it defeats the objective of using the cover.

Protecting against dust is also very important, as it can cause scratches. Even if you are vigilant and wipe the dust away regularly, you could still be damaging the paintwork, especially if you use a coarse or dirty cloth. When wiping down a car you should always use a soft cloth and ensure it is slightly damp; dry cloths are more likely to cause friction and damage.

Cars may also be at risk of accidentally getting scratched, dented or damaged if people are regularly going in and out of the garage. Using a cover, particularly one with added cushioning, will prevent this.

We are committed to helping our clients move and store their vehicles in the safest possible manner. As part of this service, we supply a selection of car covers for indoor use, including soft poly-cotton, cotton acrylic with protective fleecing and Supertex. All three are fantastic quality and will help to protect your vehicle when it is stored in a garage. The Supertex cover is also suitable for vehicles left in carports and other open-sided structures because it is water resistant.

Whether you are looking to protect a modern vehicle or a classic one, you can find the perfect car storage cover with us. When ordering please make sure you have measurements of your vehicle handy. These will help us to ensure your cover fits perfectly.