Issues that cause trouble with the car batteries

Battery conditionersOurs is a business that makes its living by transporting and looking after the cars of clients. Our speciality is classic and vintage models. Part of the way we care for them is by providing top quality battery conditioners. They monitor voltage and pulse once the levels drop below 95%. This helps to preserve the batteries and ensure they won’t be dead when the car is due to come back out of storage.

As experts in car batteries, it is our professional opinion that you should know about the issues that can plague them. These complications are the cause of countless incidents on the roads.

The weather

Many of the issues are due to the cold weather. However, some drivers don’t realise that it can be far worse when it is really hot. Overcharging and very hot weather are the two primary culprits behind shorter battery lives. Batteries contain liquid and heat evaporates it. With low fluid levels, the battery’s interior structure will wear.

The electronics

Another cause of faulty batteries would be the electronic equipment in your vehicle. This might appear obvious to you. However, it is vital that you switch off the radio, lights, and everything else. Do this when leaving your vehicle for long periods and overnight.

Short journeys

Something else that is interesting about batteries is that they charge themselves. They do so while you are driving the car. During short journeys though, they won’t fully charge up. If you make lots of these trips it could damage the battery and result in it going flat when you least expect it.

The alternator

This plays a crucial role in helping the battery to charge itself. However, it could struggle with a loose connection or have an issue with corrosion. In these cases, it won’t work properly. As for the battery, it will run flat. If you believe that there is something wrong with the starter motor or alternator, you should contact an expert.

The easy way to purchase battery conditioners

At Ruder Car Transportation and Storage, we have multiple battery conditioners for our customers to choose from. The models in question are the XS 0.8, MXS 3.8, and MXS 5.0 from market leader CTEK. If you would like to know more about them or want to buy one, please let us know.