It’s important to keep your battery in shape

We began our company in 1986 and started by doing deliveries. The business has evolved a great deal since then though. These days, not only do we transport cars, but we also store them. In addition, we provide battery conditioners to help owners avoid the risk of flat batteries.

Besides your alternator, the battery stands as the most critical part of every car’s electrical system. It supplies the power while the engine isn’t functioning. When your engine is working, it plays a vital part in the performance of the alternator’s voltage regulator. As opposed to old system with generators, modern ones require a battery to work.

The consequences of a dead battery

A lifeless battery means that you won’t be able to start your vehicle. Consequently, your alternator will need to work much harder. It’s possible that it could fail as a result. A car’s alternator can maintain the battery under standard circumstances. However, batteries die out for many reasons. On top of this, there comes a point in a battery’s life when it’s simply too old.

Making sure that your battery has a decent charge is important, but there is more you have to do. The majority of batteries demand systematic maintenance. This comes in the form of you examining the specific gravity and electrolyte level. Your electrolyte must cover the lead plates in every cell. When exposed to the air, the plates can develop issues such as rust.

At Rudler Car Transportation & Storage, you can choose one of three battery conditioners to bring home with you. Each design comes with its own features. You can find these details by visiting our website and having a look at our conditioner page. In addition we can offer advice if you are unsure what to opt for. If you choose to store a vehicle with us you can also use one of these devices to keep the battery charged.

If there’s anything we can assist you with, please get in touch.